Mahc Beau perfume collection comprises of twelve signature perfume candles and six room diffusers. Handmade in England with luxury gift packaging, our fragrances are highly concentrated with perfume and made with great care and skill using the finest quality ingredients alongside the most experienced noses.

Each fragrance in our perfume collection captures the essence of a story told through a poem and has been illustrated by an image. They are narrative driven and inspired from the real life experiences of Mahc Beau, with reoccurring themes on the subject of love, intimacy, discoveries, passion, youth, friendship and serendipity.

These inspiring complimentary poems and pictures™ by Mahc Beau are included in the luxury gift packaging of our 300g and 600g perfume candles and room diffusers.

Mahc Beau luxury perfume candles are available in 100g, 200g, 300g, and 600g and our room diffusers are available in 100ml.